About Us

About Us

Indonesian Competition Lawyers Association

Indonesian Competition Lawyers Association (ICLA) is a non-profit organization established to accommodate Indonesian law practitioners concerned with the development and enforcement of antitrust/competition law in Indonesia.

Established on 3 February 2017 by young Indonesian antitrust/competition law practitioners, who are not only experienced in providing advocacy and handling antitrust/competition law matters, but also educated on antitrust/competition law in various reputable universities globally.


Become a professional lawyer organization aimed at promoting the development and law enforcement of antitrust/competition law that is acknowledged in national and international level, proactively contributing to academic and practical know-how on antitrust/competition law and upskilling Indonesian lawyers with antitrust/competition knowledge.


Contribute to real and positive development of antitrust/competition law in the Republic of Indonesia and improve the academic and practical qualities of antitrust/competition law in the Republic of Indonesia.
About Us

Formation Background

There is no active advocate association in the field of competition law at this time.
Banyaknya tantangan dalam penerapan dan penegakkan hukum persaingan persaingan, baik mengenai aspek formil maupun materil.
The need for an active role of advocates in the development and enforcement of competition law.
About Us

Formation Background

Based on these considerations, on February 3, 2017, several advocates who care about the development of competition law in Indonesia established an organization called the Indonesian Competition Lawyers Association (‘ICLA’).

ICLA is an independent professional organization that serves as a forum for advocates who have attention and concern for the dynamics and development of competition law.

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ICLA is a non-profit organization that houses Indonesian Legal Practitioners who have a concern for the development and enforcement of competition law in Indonesia.

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